Instagram Was Twice as Busy as Normal When Obama Won

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We know that Twitter had a huge election night. They announced over 31 million total election-related tweets, and a peak tweet-per-minute total of 327,452 (right as the networks began to call the race for President Obama).

We also know that Facebook had a record-setting night, with 71.7 million U.S. election-related mentions and 88.7 global mentions on November 6th.

But what about Instagram? Did users take to that network to share their photos of jubilation or despair? The short answer is yes, Instagram also had a pretty huge election evening as well.

According to a blog post, the number of photos being uploaded to Instagram jumped 2.1x the normal rate the moment NBC predicted that Obama had been reelected.

Throughout the whole day, Instagram reports more than 100,000 photos tagged with the #ivoted hashtag and over 150,000 tagged #election2012.

"The intimacy and immediacy of the Instagram experience has fostered new and meaningful connections across the globe, whether it’s looking through the lens of a family member across town, or a favorite candidate barnstorming across the nation. We love watching people share photos in new and interesting ways, and we’re excited about the potential Instagram has to bring us all closer together," says Instagram.

Some Instagram users were getting a little too intimate with their voting choices during the day. Many users were snapping photos of their ballots, which we learned can be highly illegal in many states.

What social media outlets did you rush to on election night? Was Instagram one of them?

Josh Wolford
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