Instagram Video an Early Hit: 5M Videos in 24 Hours

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Say what you want about Instagram's new video capabilities (a lot has been said, check Twitter), but there's no denying that it has taken off. Instagrammers be videoin'.

According to an Instagram spokesperson, users uploaded a total of 5 million individual videos in the first 24 hours since its release. By comparison, Instagram users are now uploading 45 million photos every day. So, on it's first "day," Instagram Video saw 1/9th as many uploads as photos.

The peak of the video-uploading frenzy took place during the end of the NBA finals game 7, when the Miami Heat beat the San Antonio Spurs. At that moment, Instagram users were uploading 40 hours of video every minute.

When Instagram's Kevin Systrom unveiled Instagram Video at Thursday's Facebook press event, I don't think that anyone doubted that it would garner some huge attention from users of the app. Sure, Vine has been around, establishing itself since January. But this is Instagram, people - a service with over 130 million monthly active users. Plus, Instagram Video brought a few new features to the table.

First, the video can be longer than Vine videos - 15 seconds vs. 6 seconds. Instagram video also launched with 13 special filters and "cinema" mode, which is basically Instagram's version of video stabilization.

But will the massive upload volume continue? Or was this just the first-24-hour buzz that most new products receive? What do you think?

Josh Wolford
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