Instagram’s Reordering of Posts Is Causing More Engagement

Back in March Instagram announced that it would at some point start reordering posts in an attempt to keep users more interested. On average, 70% of posts by a user are not viewed. They have been test...
Instagram’s Reordering of Posts Is Causing More Engagement
Written by Staff
  • Back in March Instagram announced that it would at some point start reordering posts in an attempt to keep users more interested. On average, 70% of posts by a user are not viewed. They have been testing this feature with a portion of their users and are reporting increased engagement.

    Instagram noted that with the test group of users with the new post ordering that people are, “Liking photos more, commenting more and generally engaging with the community in a more active way.” Instagram believes that users will like the improved sorting of posts:

    With this new ordering you won’t miss your favorite band’s video after the concert, even if it took place across the world in a different time zone. And no matter how many accounts you follow, you should see your best friend’s latest posts.

    Many people just aren’t happy with the change and have made that clear in comments:

    mmcconkey said: This is awful. Literally everyone hates it, and you’re buying your heads in the sand to your customers complaints. If you insist on this, please make it optional so everyone can turn it off.

    elfgrove said: Please give me an option to disable this? I don’t follow that many folk, but with the change, folk I follow are no longer appearing on my feed at all! This defeats the purpose of following them and using the app.

    piraterogue said: Why the F*** are all of these social media platforms making themselves HARDER TO F***ING READ??? I just want to read shit in the order it’s posted. Is hat so damn awful???

    queer-rogue said: At least give us the option for chronological feeds you assf***s

    iamcherryking said: I want my chronological feed back please? I’m missing more MOMENTS I care about NOW than when it was in chronological order. Can’t you let users decide which view we want to see? it is just a way of retrieval via the DB isn’t it? In fact, isn’t it easier and more efficient just to retrieve it in chronological than whatever sort algo you guys are using now?

    khandri said: I want my chronological feed back. At least then I know I’m not missing anything!

    vinegreiros said: Okay, congratulations for keep being so disrespectful with the IG users. NOBODY WANTS IT!!! I WANT MY FEED IN A CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. That is all. F*** you Instagram!!!

    lifeinthefastbrain said: I absolutely hate this feature and hate that there’s no option for keeping my feed chronological. Please give us an option to toggle!!

    changing-landscapes said: ????????????????????????????????????????????

    theycallmejane said: Oh ffs. NOBODY WANTS THIS! And the reasoning makes no sense – if you’re too lazy to scroll, you’ll still be missing posts, just different posts.

    garybaldie said: NO! Just another FB idea, you wil lbe told what we want you to see. Let us decide before we leave you.

    leifeliel said: …and another platform that used to care about it’s users takes a big shit on them in favor of higher ad revenue.

    seanpage82 said: Dear people at Instagram, As you can see from the above (and no doubt below) comments, not a single person wants this feature. I actively don’t use my Facebook account for the same reason. It sets events in such a random order that you miss more events than you would have before. If people are missing stuff in the chronological format then maybe they should cut back. I am well aware that change is constant, and complaining about a free service may seem tripe, but we loved it as it was!

    wizwoof said: The top posts I’ve mostly already seen in my Facebook feed. This sucks the fun out of Instagram.

    alderfearn said: This is a HORRIBLE idea. Chronological is exactly how the feed should remain. If I want to see something that happened yesterday, I scroll to yesterdays posts. Easy as that. Also, BOOOO on blovking third party apps ability to display the feed! SO much easier to look through it on the computer. (Just my 2 cents.)

    sophietonks said: It’s confusing having posts NOT in chronological order… my friend’s feeds make no sense now!

    twgregory said: This is a terrible revision. Seems very Facebook-esque. Allow Facebook to suck itself and keep Instagram above the suck. Please and thanks.

    tn5678 said: This is a terrible idea, if I want to see a popular account post then I’ll go to that account. With this change instagram will become even more of a popularity contest than it already is.

    geeyourhairsmellsterrific said: Hey Pay attention to your user base. We fucking HATE this change. At least give us the option to opt out and see feeds in chronological order.

    photo-by-thomas said: greeeaaat… when do I have start paying Instagram for people to see my page…?

    wizwoof said: Dear Instagram. I hate it and seriously consider deleting my account.

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