Instagram On The Web Isn't So Worthless Anymore

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Finally, there is actually a point to clicking on your friends' Instagram pictures that they cross-post to Facebook, Twitter and other social realms. That's because Instagram has finally given users something to do when they land on the photo page.

Before, an individual page for an Instagram photo was sparse - and the only real functionality of the page was viewing the photo. Now, users can "like" and comments on the photos thanks to a slick little update that went live on the web late Thursday.

If your social networking takes you to a photo taken with Instagram, here's what you'll see:

Awesome, right? It's a simple but effective update to Instagram on the web that could make a big difference in engagement. That being said, this is about all that's new about accessing Instagram on the web. Still no full experience complete with your photo stream and such.

It looks like Instagram is dipping its toes in the water, however.

Users can also access their accounts from the photo pages, which allows them to edit their profiles, change their passwords, and manage their app permissions.

Earlier this week, the Instagram app for iOS and Android received an update which allowed users to have their "likes" automatically post to their Facebook Timelines and to appear in their friends' News Feeds.

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