Instagram Destroys Twitter in Brand Engagement, Says Report

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Brands looking to cultivate a robust social media following should be putting a lot of their time into Instagram, according to recent data.

Socialbakers says that brand engagement on Instagram is blowing Twitter out of the water. In fact, the average engagement per post for the top 25 most-engaged brands in 50 times greater on Instagram than it is on Twitter.

"Instagram gives brands an outlet for creative storytelling and engagement with tight communities of people who share a passion for the the brands’ values," says Socialbakers.

In other words, if you're likely to follow a company on Instagram, it's more likely that you "share its values" and will therefore be more apt to participate with the company.

This isn't the first time that we've seen data to prove that engagement on Instagram soars above the rest. Earlier this year, a Forrester study showed that brands saw 58 times more engagement on Instagram than they did on Facebook and a whopping 120 times more than on Twitter.

Instagram recently topped 300 million monthly active users, which puts it barely ahead of Twitter. Though some might not really care about this metric, it's a pretty big deal to advertisers. More eyes plus more engagement per eye? That's a big check mark in the Instagram column.

Josh Wolford
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