Instagram Camera Is Decidedly Retro

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Ah, Instagram, friend of would-be photographers everywhere. The super popular app for iPhone and Android has enabled people of all skill levels to take fancy photos with the touch of a button and a few applications of various filters. No wonder Facebook paid $1 billion for the glorified sepia filter.

Instagram wasn't enough for Facebook, however, as they have also created their own dedicated camera app for iOS. Despite being owned by Facebook, Instagram had to do something to compete. They turned to the only avenue there was - stand-alone camera hardware.

The above scenario is all true except for Instagram launching a stand-alone camera. What if we lived in a world where they did though? The super talented guys over at ElectRoulette, who brought us the genius Google Glasses parody Meme Glasses, has brought us an in depth look at the Instagram camera.

Resembling that old Kodak that's gathering dust in the attic, the Instagram camera merges retro design with new technology like sepia filters. The camera can apply various filters and even add in new elements like mountains and flowers with the nature filter. The technology on display can also make your car appear more retro than it has any right being.

It's pretty much accepted that the stand-alone camera market is really only for aficionados anymore. The general user now has a smartphone that can replace the camera and a wide variety of other functions. What if Instagram were to release a camera though? Would the same people who have flocked to the app buy a camera branded with their favorite camera app? The world may never know.