Inherit Some Expensive Jewelry? Don't Post It on Facebook

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Since the beginning of the social media craze, police have been warning people that criminals use Facebook too, and they can stalk you just the same as a crazy ex-boyfriend. Sure, you think you're being cute with your wooo-hooo, goin to Jamaica! posts, but to someone who really wants to steal your shit – it's an open invitation.

Police say that some dumb Facebook and Instagram activity likely contributed to a home invasion in northeast Philadelphia.

After recently inheriting some expensive jewelry, some teens decided to slap it up on Facebook and Instagram – you know, for the likes. Apparently, the wrong people were watching.

At about 2:30am this past weekend, three masked men forced their way into the victim's apartment by busting down the front door. From CBS Philly:

Police say the robbers demanded jewelry. They got away with a Rolex watch and several gold chains, jumping out of the second floor window before police arrived.

Authorities say another teen inside the home was quickly able to call police on his cell phone from the bathroom, but the suspects escaped through a back window with a Rolex and a several gold chains as officers arrived.

“Definitely somebody who was affiliated with him. It had to be. It had to be one of his friends or friends of a friend. I think it was a setup to be honest with you," said the victim's roommate.

If you come into some money or inherit a bunch of Rolexes, you might want to keep the news off Instagram. You never know who's following you.

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