Inhalable Insulin Approved By The FDA

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For people suffering from diabetes, getting the insulin they need can be an inconvenient task.

Most people are forced to give themselves shots in order to help regulate their blood sugar, and many long for an easier and more convenient method.

The FDA has recently approved a new medication, inhalable insulin.

The insulin is available in small single-use cartridges. Each cartridge contains a dose of powdered insulin that can be inhaled quickly, easily and more importantly, painlessly. The medication is called Afrezza.

The drug maker says the powder should be inhaled within 20 minutes of the start of a meal, and can take as little as 12 to 15 minutes to go into effect. Injectable insulin takes about half an hour.

The new inhalable insulin will be easier to store, carry and use and will make it much easier for adults with diabetes to get the insulin they need without having to use a needle to inject it into their bodies.

It can be used anywhere, but will definitely come in handy for those who like to travel or need to take insulin while at work or out and about.

The new packaging will also make the insulin more discrete and the small cartridges can be stored in pockets, purses and even gym bags.

The FDA says that the new drug should be used with traditional insulin medications and should not be a substitute. Although the drug has been approved, studies are still being conducted to determine the side effects of the medicine when it is taken long term.

There have been numerous attempts to create inhalable insulin in the past, but none of them worked out. It took over three years for Afrezza to be approved from the time it was first submitted.

Right now, the drug is only approved for adults, but it is possible that a similar medication will be available for children in the near future.

Do you think inhalable insulin is a good idea?

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