Infographic: The Launchpad To Career Growth

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The restaurant industry has some amazing career statistics to show for itself, and the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation recently conducted a study that highlights some of them, including stats that illustrate competitive pay and pay increases throughout the industry.

Take a look at the latest infographic, which is the seventh in a series from the foundation. This one specifically deals with career growth as attained in the restaurant industry, looking at how employees can make advancements and climb the ladder.

For example, 9 in 10 restaurant workers 35 or older have moved to higher-paying jobs in the industry after their first job, the study finds. It happens all the time. While workers may not necessarily stay at the same restaurant, they find that there are even better opportunities elsewhere in the field. This only becomes more the case as they gain experience.

Even those new to the game can enjoy the restaurant industry’s upward mobility. 71% of employees 18-24 land a more lucrative gig in the business after their first job. So you don’t have to have been around the block for too many years before moving up becomes a real possibility. It happens more quickly than you think.

The good news is that this isn’t really limited at all by geography either. The abundance of restaurants in nearly every community presents opportunities and experience to land other positions all over the map.

Restaurants: The Launchpad to Career Growth:


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