Infographic Shows Importance of Wifi To College Students

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A new study has been released by Online Colleges, a website that puts students in touch with colleges offering robust online education experiences. The survey deals with the use of technology by US college students and has some interesting, if not necessarily surprising, results. The study covered a wide range of topics, ranging from the importance of wifi on college campuses to the most useful software and gadgets students used.

Word processors were the most popular software, with 76% of students ranking them as the most important software tool they used. Eighty-one precent rated the laptop as their most important device, followed by the printer at 73%. The study also showed a sharp divide between students and their instructors: only 67% of instructors used laptops. While 33% of students use a smartphone, only 17% of instructors do. More importantly, students are aware of the gap. Forty percent said their instructors did not use technology effectively, and only 59% said that their institution as a whole uses technology well. Wifi was one of the most important pieces of technology for students: 75% said that wifi access improved their grads, 90% said it was as essential to education as a classroom or computer, and 60% said they would not go to a school they knew did not offer free wifi. The study also estimated that wifi will be present on 99% of college campuses by 2013.

The full infographic is below. Take a look, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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