Infographic Indicates Workers Waste Time Because They Think Their Jobs Suck


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The following infographic was created to celebrate the launch of Tempo 7 and details how time is wasted in the workplace and who the guilty culprits are.

Many employees claim that they are efficient employees that keep their nose to the grindstone but research indicates that the majority (64%) of workers are unproductive for at least one hour per day while 22% waste two hours, and 14% are out of the game for three hours or less a day.

People with Bachelor's degrees or higher tend to waste the most amount of time. One reason for the disparity could be that people with college degrees and higher levels of education are generally promoted to managerial and supervisory roles.

What are your theories about the disparity?

How Do People Spend Their Time At Work? - Infographic

It comes as no surprise that the leading distraction in the workplace is the internet followed by socializing with workers.

Do you think that you would be more productive if your employer held fun meetings, contests, and were more flexible about breaks and lunch durations?

Here are some ways that people on Twitter kill time at work:

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Is it bad I'm spending my time at work applying for other jobs? #oops 21 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

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Considering that the leading excuse used by employees to justify wasting time is that they think their job sucks, perhaps more employers should focus on making the workplace a more welcoming and positive environment.