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In case you haven’t been following, the restaurant industry has some pretty phenomenal stats attached to it. National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation recently conducted a study that highlights the restaurant industry’s competitive pay and pay increases.

Take a look at the latest infographic, which is the sixth in a series from the foundation. This one shows that the restaurant industry offers solid career opportunities — whether it’s for teenagers or people looking to switch careers.

The restaurant industry provides a great start for younger workers. As many as 92% of restaurant employees younger than 18 say their first job was in the restaurant industry. In fact, many of these employees stay in the industry for a long time. Restaurant employees ages 25- to 34-years old have a median tenure of 10 years in the industry, while employees ages 35-to-44-years have a median tenure of 19 years.

On top of that, many who venture out of the industry come back. 60% of restaurant industry employees 35 and older have returned to the industry after stints in other fields.

The restaurant industry also allows employees time to pursue higher education. 64% of bartenders, 49% of restaurant managers and 41% of servers are currently attending a four-year college or university.

A Career for Everyone:


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