Indian Woman Miscarries Ten Babies In One Night

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Late Sunday night, a 28-year-old Indian woman broke all of India's medical records when she gave birth to ten babies at one time. Sadly, none of the babies survived.

Anju Kushwaha, was sent to Sanjay Gandhi Memorial hospital in Rewa district after experiencing severe pregnancy complications. On the ride to the hospital, which was 77 miles from her home, Kushwaha gave birth to nine still-born babies. After arriving at the hospital, she delivered the last baby, who was also still-born. All of the babies were estimated to be 12 weeks.

"She delivered nine of them midway. Obstetric and NICU team at our hospital helped her to deliver the 10th one in the operation theatre - all were born dead at almost 12 weeks," said Dr. SK Pathak, the assistant superintendent of the hospital

The multiple babies resulted from in vitro fertilization. After undergoing fertility treatments, Kushwaha never went back for follow-up prenatal care. Doctors believe that if she had, at least three of the babies could have survived. "It seems that that there was no regular follow-up of her pregnancy after IVF. At least three offspring's could have been saved by reducing the pregnancy," says Dr Sumitra Yadav, a senior gynecologist.

Kushwaha holds India's record for the most babies born at one time, and the second highest record in the world. In 1971, a doctor in Rome claimed to have delivered 15 children at one time, however all of those babies were still-born as well. Currently, Nadya Suleman, also known as the "Octomom", holds the Guinness World Record for most surviving children delivered in a single birth.

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