Imgur Embeds Now Credit Original Poster, Offer More Detail

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Imgur is debuting richer embeds today, one that the image-sharing service says "gives you full attribution and copyright control over your content when it’s shared outside of Imgur."

When you embed content from Imgur, it'll now come with more detail. This includes the image caption, view count, comments, a nice little Imgur logo, and, most importantly, attribution to the original poster.

According to Imgur, it's all about making sure OP retains control over his own work.

"The Imgur embed contains the image, the OP and the details that accompany that post. From the embed, viewers will be able to navigate to the full post page. Added bonus? They may even be compelled to throw you an upvote. When you use the embed, the image remains hosted on Imgur and is covered under our copyright policies and processes (which state that the image owner controls the full copyright and permissions to the uploaded image). This means OP keeps all of the control," says Imgur.

Of course, copyright can only be maintained if it's OP who owns the copyright in the first place. Plenty of the content posted on Imgur does not originally belong to the poster.

If this gets to front page I will draw a ton of imgur doodles for you guys

Of course, richer embeds mean more exposure for Imgur. That's why any site allows you to embed its content on your blog.

Imgur has allowed people to embed images for some time now, but before today the embed lacked any contextual info – they were just images (that linked back to the original Imgur page, to be fair). Imgur's new embeds do offer the option to strip all of the new detail out of embeds, however, so it's unclear whether bloggers will choose to include OP and his/her caption in the end.

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