Images Of Google's New Nexus Phone Leak Online

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The Nexus line is Google's way of getting the latest and greatest Android developments into the hands of users and developers. The Galaxy Nexus is the latest smartphone to bear the branding, but Samsung will not be making the successor. Instead, Google has given the opportunity to LG.

Pictures of the LG Optimus Nexus have recently appeared on the Russian forum Baraholka. The pictures show a device that looks like a merger of the Galaxy Nexus and the already announced LG Optimus G. Here's some of the more prominent pictures of the device including the obvious revelation that the device will run Jelly Bean:

Google New Nexus Phone

Google New Nexus Phone

These latest leaks only further accentuate a day filled with Nexus news, rumors and leaks. It was revealed by an NPD analyst that Google is working on a 10-inch tablet with Samsung that will sport the Nexus branding. The company is also working on a $99 budget tablet that will most assuredly also sport the Google branding.

After Samsung worked on the original Galaxy Nexus, it seems odd that LG would be called in to work on the next one. Google has mentioned in the past that it wants to work with a variety of OEMs on its Nexus line, and LG might have been next in line. Either way, the new phone is looking nice.

It's important to note that these pictures represent hardware that's not been finalized. Google and LG could, and probably will, apply some changes to the design before launch. It's not known when the device will be unveiled, but the LG Optimus G is set for release at some point before the end of the year. The LG Nexus should hopefully be out sometime after that.

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