IKEA Transgender Ad Offends LGBT Community

Amanda CrumLife

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IKEA is catching some heat over a new ad running in Bangkok which some say is disrespectful to an entire section of the LGBT community there.

The ad features a man and woman shopping, when suddenly she comes upon a sale and her voice drops into a male's register in her surprise. The man continues to shop with her, but ends up distracting her so he can run away in horror. The ad, which is called "Luem Aeb"--"Forget To Keep Hidden"--is garnering protests from a Thai transgender group, who are calling it "negative and stereotypical". A rep for IKEA says they have spoken to the group and are working things out after an apology.

The Thai Transgender Alliance is a watchdog for human rights, and transgender individuals are generally widely accepted in the country, but some think things like this ad set them back.

Amanda Crum
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