iGoDigital Launches Pinterest Tracking Tool


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Despite of Pinterest's meteoric launch and rise to popularity, recents reports have shown that the photo-sharing pinboard site might be losing steam - and users. Regardless, iGoDigital, a leading provider of personalization services for retail marketing, has just launched its Pinterest Tracking Tool.

iGoDigital states thats its new tool will "enable retailers to gather Pinterest data and use it to influence marketing and merchandising decisions." Pinterest is obviously a relevant platform for brands to promote awareness, and iGoDigital seeks to "numerate spheres of influence." I suppose this would be a highbrow way of saying something like "make number chart of people who look at picture." The tool tracks the pinning activity of a merchant's implied audience, to better facilitiate targeted marketing, which on Pinterest can lead to re-pinning, which is a sort of built-in, visual social-proofing.

Eric Tobias, iGoDigital President, says, "With more than 10 million registered users, retailers are seeing Pinterest as a way to inspire shoppers and drive traffic, but many brands have been unable to track, monitor or understand how Pinterest activity affects their bottom lines. The Pinterest Tracking tool will begin to give them this insight."

Even with the aforementioned report of Pinterest's loss of some of its user base, and other growing pains, like instances of overwhelming spam, the site is now the third most popular social networking platform on the internet. And with growth comes third-party media tools, as well as the accelerated addition of new features, like the new Pinterest pinboard covers, as well as the ability to post YouTube and Vimeo pins.