Iggy Azalea Gets 'Fancy' at Lollapalooza

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Iggy Azalea may only have one album to her name--and actually only one huge hit song, if you don't include Ariana Grande's 'Problem,' but that didn't stop people from lining up ahead of time to get close to the stage when she performed at Lollapalooza in Chicago on Friday. Iggy got 'Fancy' to screams and an abundance of applause.

'Black Widow' was the best received song in Iggy Azalea's set--and that works well for the Australian rapper, since that's the next song to be released as a single from her album The New Classic. And since she had one of the largest turnouts for Friday, that will no doubt result in even more album--and single--sales.

Iggy Azalea is certainly one of the year's biggest breakout music stars. In fact, 'Fancy' may go down in music history as the song of the summer of 2014. Aside from that song, however, fans don't know many more of her tunes by heart and so the sing-along component of her set at Lollapalooza was noticeably missing. What wasn't missing were fans who enjoyed locking lips almost as much as they enjoyed listening to her perform. And because of that the audience simply didn't seem as engrossed in her music as fans were in other performer's sets. Iggy cut her set short by fifteen minutes, too. Might she have seen all those people making out?

Alas Iggy Azalea will certainly have a different kind of crowd the next time she plays a big music festival like Lollapalooza. Once fans know more than just one or two of her songs, they tend to be way more dedicated to paying attention to what goes on up on the stage.

There's no doubt that Izzy Azalea's got what it takes to make it even bigger in the U.S. than she already has. Just give her time and she'll be drawing the crowds--and holding their attention, too.

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