If You Use The Internet, You'll Become a Terrorist

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So, you use the internet frequently, you like to check your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and so on. Well, you're probably a terrorist then; or, at least you'll eventually become one.

I mean with all the content that's on the internet from porn to instructions to make a bomb, the internet is essentially a brainwashing tool, right? Well, that seems to be the case according to a report released by the UK on the House of Commons official website. According to the report, "many of our witnesses cited the internet as the main forum for radicalization". Sir Norman Bettison of The Association of Police Officers' Lead for Prevent said:

"The internet does seem to feature in most, if not all, of the routes of radicalisation"

According to these guys, essentially, every minute you spend on the internet desensitizes you, eventually to the point where you want to kill people and join Al-Qa'ida. Now, these old English dudes want ISPs to take down some of their content that can be seen as material that could possibly "radicalize" you, meaning it's material that makes you want to kill the President and take over America.

Really to a point there is some truth behind the matter with so much violent content becoming easily accessible on the internet, but who's to say that video games and violent TV can't do the same? With that logic, no matter what you do, you're eventually going to become a terrorist and there's nothing you can do to stop it…unless you just quit using all mediums of media.

Now, with that being covered, do you think the report is nonsense, an over-exaggeration of fear if you will, or do you feel there could be some sense to this mess after all? I mean really if you think about it, the way or direction current media is heading, aren't we all becoming a little desensitized? Sex used to be a forbidden word to even speak, now it's the only thing in television and movies that people want to see. A movie isn't good unless it has plenty of killing and pervasive language. So, if you think about it, even before this report, Americans were slowly becoming "radicalized" so to speak. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments.

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