Idiot Admits To Winter Classic Assault On Facebook

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On Monday evening, after the Winter Classic hockey game in Philadelphia, several men wearing Philly Flyers jerseys beat up a couple of guys wearing New York Rangers jerseys. It all happened in the street in front of the legendary Geno's Steaks.

Although one of the victims (a Purple Heart recipient) was seriously injured according to police, a fight in downtown Philadelphia between hockey fans doesn't really tip the "most outrageous story" scale.

Except that this story involves Facebook idiots - and god how I love Facebook idiots.

Facebook idiots, simply, are people that do unbelievably dumb things on Facebook (or on some occasions, because of Facebook). In the past, for example, I've told you about the wanted idiot who taunted police with his location on Facebook - only to be arrested shortly thereafter. Or how about the guy who posted about vandalizing police cars and private property during the Vancouver riots last summer? Remember the guy who punched his wife because she failed to like one of his statuses?

Joining the Facebook idiots hall of the elite are some hockey fans who seem to forget that actions in the internet realm often translate into real life consequences.

Philadelphia hockey blog Broad St. Hockey posted a link about the violent Geno's incident on their Facebook page, saying, "Some guys who think they're Flyers fans beat up some Rangers fans outside of Geno's Steaks on Monday...let's not let them get away with it." Amongst the comments denouncing the incident and the fans involved, young Edward Neary offered a different contribution to the conversation. The posts have since been deleted, but Broad St. Hockey grabbed some screenshots.

On the same thread a bit later, Neary expounded on the incident, eventually having a change of heart. He then began to blame some other guys by tagging them in posts:

After deleting many of the posts, Neary changed his profile picture a couple of times. His profile still says that he knows "Black Speech" and shows him as a fan of the page "Seriously I will punch you in the f*cking face." One of his comments is still visible on the thread, from about 14 hours ago:

After denying the allegations, one of the guys he tagged as a participant in the assault also commented on the thread later saying, "It was me I live in gayville south dokota come.find me ans ill knock anyone out."

Police are currently looking into the issue and as of right now, there is no way to know if any of our scholars actually participated in the crime. But if they can grab some more evidence, these Facebook posts will literally amount to confessions. Oh, and there's also this video of the incident:

Dear Facebook idiots,

The internet is real. It's not just some make believe place where anything goes and actions don't have consequences. Things that you do on the internet can actually impact real life. In the future, remember that. Or, don't. If your tales of idiocy ever ceased to exist, it would deprive us of untold hours of fun and ridicule. Proceed.

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