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Just 8 months after it launched, has reached the 10 million registered user mark! The Facebook-based professional networking platform had only 2 million registered users in March so it is growing leaps and bounds. It is growing so fast that hey also just announced that they are moving to the San Francisco neighborhood of China Basin which is home to the San Francisco Giants and is one of the hotspots in the city by the bay. The company is upgrading its office space to a brand spanking new 17,000 square foot facility.

“We are thrilled to be expanding our team to focus on building a product that empowers young professionals in their careers in a way that has never been possible before,” said Brendan Wallace, co-founder and co-CEO of Identified. “We’re also excited to stay in San Francisco, where we can work in a collegial technology ecosystem.”

Identified has grown some traction with the younger crowd due to its ability to allow them to use their Facebook friend networks but also keep a division between their professional and social lives. The network allows people to add basic professional information so they have an active, up-to-date professional profile available to employers on a separate site. The separation between what can be seen by everyone and what can be seen by potential employers is what sets this social job network apart from a site like LinkdIn. Also, 90% of the people on are under the age of 29, so it is a great way for employers who are looking for some ambitious and young workers to find what they need.

Identified’s driving concept is the Identified Score, a metric derived from the work history, education, and demographic data of millions of Facebook users, as well as the hiring behaviors of thousands of companies. As people add information and progress in their careers, they gain points to increase their Identified Score. The points represent the value of key information currently in demand by employers that helps young students and professionals plan their careers. So in this tough job market a company using a sophisticated algorithm to match up prospective employers and job seekers can be paramount to success for both parties.

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