iCloud Web Interface Getting Notes And Reminders

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On Tuesday we brought you news that Apple was testing iOS-style banner notifications for the iCloud web interface. The notifications, which appear to have been a test that was made public by accident, revealed that Apple is at least considering bringing Notification Center to iCloud, just as it is to Mountain Lion later this summer (June?).

Now more evidence has surfaced that iCloud will indeed be getting some of the same iOS features as Mountain Lion. Earlier today a beta version of iCloud appeared that included a couple extra icons that aren't on the standard iCloud web interface. You have to have a developer ID to log into the beta version, so I can't tell you what the web versions of the apps look like, but those are definitely app icons for Notes and Reminders:

iCloud Beta Notes Reminders

You can try to check out the beta version of iCloud for yourself here, but Apple appears to be in the process of shutting it down, so it may not load. Meanwhile, a little while ago another website went live. This appears to be a developer version of iCloud, and doesn't have any of those traitorous extra icons. In fact, it doesn't have any icons at all, just the shiny box you click to login:

iCloud For Developers

If you want to check out the developer version of iCloud, you can do so here. Again, it requires a developer ID, so unless you're part of Apple's Developer Program, you won't be able to see much.

At any rate, it appears to be a pretty safe bet that Apple is working to bring Notes and Reminders to the iCloud web interface. There is, of course, no indication as to when this might happen, but it's a pretty safe bet that they'll come along with Mountain Lion.