Ice Storm Causes Terrible Road Conditions And School Closings

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Have you had enough of the snow and ice yet? Get ready for some more as an ice storm continues to make its way across the country. The storm has left a trail of ice and snow behind it as it heads northeast and has made roadways slippery and dangerous. The Weather Channel has named the storm Cleon.

Cleon started on Thursday night in Texas and crept its way east across the country. It has left behind several inches of snow and ice on cars, roadways, trees and power lines. Over 236,000 customers in Texas alone were without power on Friday morning.

Many people in the storm's path have lost power as a result of ice on the power lines. Others have had to put off their holiday shopping and travels due to worsening roadways and over a thousand flights have had to be canceled and rescheduled due to bad weather and ice on the runways. Hundreds of wrecks have been reported and many schools have closed or are on delays.

The storm hit Virginia on Sunday before it moved out to sea. Virginia officials warned residents of a major ice storm likely to take shape Sunday, resulting in power outages and hazards on the roads.

Officials across the country are still warning drivers to watch for ice, bad roads and stopped traffic. Areas that are already seeing the snow and ice melt will need to be careful the next few mornings as lower temperatures at night may cause the water from the melting snow to freeze. If you must travel, do so carefully.

Image from Wikimedia Commons.

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