Ice Cube Hints at Possible N.W.A. Reunion


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According to rapper Ice Cube, there could be a little N.W.A. reunion brewing – at least he hopes so.

Speaking on The Talk, the actor talked about his upcoming set ot the Coachella music festival, and how he might have some surprises in store?

Could Ice Cube get N.W.A. to reunite on stage?

“I’m trying to bring the members of N.W.A together — come with me on the stage,” Ice Cube said. “Give everybody a little history lesson on Ice Cube and N.W.A Westside Connection.”

N.W.A., one of the most influential rap groups of all time, produced their last album in 1991. The group, which included Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, Ice Cube, DJ Yella, and MC Ren (original member Arabian Prince left in 1989), had interpersonal issues. Eazy-E died in 1995 from an AIDS-related illness.

The bad blood between the remaining members has subsided over the years.

2015 was a big year for Ice Cube and the group's legacy, as the film Straight Outta Compton, which chronicled N.W.A.'a rise and fall, was a huge hit.

What up Fam, 2015 was a helluva year for ya boy. We started off the year right by shooting our 3rd installment of the Barbershop movie starring me and @cedtheentertainer. The movie is very funny and topical but it's also deals with some real life situations. I think people will like the father and son aspect as well plus our new additions. @common, @nickiminaj and @ohsnapjbsmoove Then in August was the blockbuster hit #StraightOuttaCompton. A dream come true project with a dream come true outcome. Doing over 200 million worldwide at the box office. Now we're hearing whispers of awards this season. I also did a movie this fall with @itscharlieday called #FISTFIGHT about 2 teachers challenging each other to a fight on the last day of school. And we started promoting #RIDEALONG2 which will be out on January 15. After I thought the year couldn't get no better, I then learned that NWA was elected in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. I'm still blown away by that one. Yo, I got a lot to live up to in 2016 but I'm ready to go. Thanks for all your support.

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It was also announced recently that N.W.A. will be part of the 2016 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class.