Ice Bucket Challenge Leads to Fraud Charge for Cop

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If you tell your boss you're so sick you can't possibly come into work, you probably shouldn't post a selfie of you drinking a beer at the beach.

Think of this as a much more serious version of that kind of screwup.

A Pasadena police officer is facing up to six years in prison thanks to her participation in last year's biggest viral craze – the Ice Bucket Challenge.

No, the police department has nothing against social media posts for charity, or presumably nothing against dumping large buckets of freezing cold water on your head either.

That is, of course, unless you're supposed to be suffering from a debilitating back injury.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's office says that 39-year-old Jaime Robison received disability benefits, during which time she posted a video online of her dumping a five-gallon bucket of ice-water on her own head. A five-gallon bucket of ice-water weights somewhere around 42 pounds – and impressive lift and pour for somewhere who can't work because of back injury.

Robison is also under suspicion of another instance of insurance fraud. KTLA says it had to do with an injured shoulder – something that would also make lifting a five-gallon bucket of water rather difficult. In all, she reportedly scammed $117,000 from the city.

She's been charged for four counts of insurance fraud and has pleaded not guilty.

If she'd only built a contraption like Bill Gates, she might've gotten away with it.

Image courtesy Anthony Quintano, Flickr Creative Commons (not Robison pictured), h/t The Daily Dot

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