iBuildApp Releases Beta API For Developers

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iBuildApp, a service that allows users to create their own custom mobile apps without any kind of coding know how, has now released their API for those who have the coding know how. The API is currently in open beta, but it promises plenty of advantages for those who use it.

Previously, users had to log into the iBuildApp platform to manage their apps built with the service. The API now allows users to manage and muck around with their apps without having to actually be logged in. This is all part of a grand scheme to "facilitate the development of mobile cloud apps that can access devices on iBuildApp cloud platform."

iBuildApp's CEO Rafael Soultanov succinctly sums up the API's main functionality, "If you're already using a content management system to update your website or database, now you can push your content directly to your mobile app."

As said before, the API is in beta so there may still be some bugs. The company just wanted to get it out there to see what developers do with it. Soultanov confirmed this by saying, “We look forward to seeing how iBuildApp will innovate around its API in the future, and what kind of interesting apps developers will come up with. So go get an API key and hack away!"

If you want to get into the nitty gritty of the API, you can check out the documentation at iBuildApp's Web site. It has all you need to know to begin implementing the API into your current app strategy.

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