IBM: Watson to Predict the Future and Truly Change the World

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Within 10 years, IBM believes that it's artificial intelligence driven Watson will literally predict the future. "It won't be long before Watson is predicting the future," said Dr. John E. Kelly III, IBM senior vice president of Cognitive Solutions and IBM Research, at the World of Watson conference in Las Vegas yesterday. "Doctors, for example, may use Watson to help predict when a diabetic patient is about to have a blood sugar spike."

He added, "When that happens, then we truly, truly, have changed the world."

"The technology is not even moving fast," he says. "It's accelerating. It's moving faster and faster every day. Honestly, it blows my mind and I'm an optimist."

Can Watson ever become creative? He noted the difficulty of that question and then realized that Watson is already being creative with Chef Watson and Cognitive music, where it's actually writing songs.

We are potentially reaching a world-changing moment with AI and its capability to think, create and even predict.

Rich Ord