I Would Not Use This Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl, But It's Still Pretty Neat

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I'm probably never going to buy this new anti-loneliness ramen bowl. It's not because I don't like ramen. I love ramen. I really, really love ramen. It's also not because I'm not lonely at times. Who isn't? It's also not because I don't approve of our global dependency on constant stimulation from our mobile devices, even while we eat. Let's be honest, I'm on reddit during well over half my meals.

It's actually because I'm just an embarrassingly sloppy noodle slurper. I would splash porky, miso-y juice all over my device. It wouldn't be pretty.

Design company MisoSoupDesign unveiled their idea for a hands-free iPhone dock ramen bowl back in November, but it's just now gaining traction on the interwebs.

The ramen bowl, dubbed the "Anti-loneliness" bowl, allows noodle eaters to slurp while browsing the web. Or while watching a movie, or whatever else noodle eaters like to do when they are eating. The design is simple, but useful.

Just a few minutes ago, in a Facebook post, the company said that due to all of the interest in the ramen bowl they are currently accepting a limited number of pre-orders. You can express your interest by sending them a Facebook message or shooting them an email.

[MisoSoupDesign via CNET]
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