I AM THE FRESHMAKER: A Breaking Bad Mentos Ad

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Sometimes, things are just funnier than they should be. I'm not saying that a great scene from this season of Breaking Bad turned into a classic Mentos commercial shouldn't be funny, but I probably shouldn't have laughed for five minutes straight after watching it.

I don't know if you'll find it as perfect as I do, but something about the way Flynn nods his head and Walter's creepy smile at the end just screams mid-90s ads for the Freshmaker. Maybe it's just the goofy take on a scene from arguably the most tense season of the most tense show ever made that gives me a rare Monday morning smile.

Check it out below:

Classic YouTube comments:

"They're not breath mints, they're MENTOS. JESUS CHRIST MARIE!"
"YO, *throws pack of mentos in the air* FRESHEN IT UP, BITCHES"

Thank you once again, internets.

[via UPROXX]
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