I-35 Bridge Collapse in Texas Kills One

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The I-35 bridge that collapsed in Salado, Texas yesterday killed one person and injured three others. The bridge was under construction at the time of the collapse.

It was around 11:15 AM on Thursday when the I-35 bridge collapse was reported. A local CBS station out of Dallas has confirmed the person who died was a 32-year-old man from Arlington. He has been identified as Clark Davis. Davis leaves behind a girlfriend and a seven-year-old daughter.

The Texas Department of Transportation is reporting that an oversized tractor trailer hit one of the bridge supports, causing the I-35 bridge to collapse. Several beams fell into the roadway.

Nick Delgado with CBS affiliate KWTX in Dallas reported earlier that a pickup truck appeared to be stuck under the rubble.

“There is a mountain of concrete. There’s debris that came out of the back of one of the 18-wheelers just all over,” he said.

A construction company was using a crane earlier on Friday to move debris to see if there were any other possible survivors trapped underneath the rubble.

Vivian Rush lives near the I-35 bridge collapse site.

“I drive back and forth under that bridge all the time, and it could be anybody, you know. It’s potluck,” she said during an interview with TWCNews.com. “It’s dangerous when you’ve got, you know, big trucks on your side or in front of you or whatever, and you’re passing a truck or something like that when there’s a curve and you can barely see the lines on the road. There’s always crashes here.”

Hopefully the Texas DOT will take the measures necessary to prevent any further loss of life in the area of this I-35 bridge collapse. How sad that people often need to lose their lives or become seriously injured before that happens.

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