How to Humanize the Workplace in a Startup

While it may take some work, it is worth looking deeply into your business to figure out how to humanize your workplace....
How to Humanize the Workplace in a Startup
Written by Brian Wallace
  • When it comes to the world of startups and entrepreneurship, there’s one thing that is certain – it’s not for the faint of heart. This lifestyle of hard work, self-starting, and brutal determination has huge payoffs, but also comes at a great cost. As much as there are highs, there are in many ways as many, if not more, lows. This all comes with the territory, and it’s always going to be seasonal, with certain seasons feeling victorious while others can feel numb, or even discouraged.

    Among the many challenges and things to do with creating a startup, is setting a company culture. While some entrepreneurs may not be as wired to be excited about this as others, this is truly one of the most potentially satisfying, and gratifying parts of the job.

    Why Is It A Privilege To Create a Workplace?

    In order to properly understand how to humanize a workplace and create a culture of success, you have to have the right mindset. On the one hand, there will always be those things that you have to do. No amount of positive platitudes can change the fact that certain admin work and daily disciplines will never truly be a ‘get-to-do’ task, but will remain a ‘have-to-do’ task, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    Some things are too necessary and important to not be done well, and regularly, but they don’t all have to have some kind of forced positivity over them. Where creating work culture, environment and space are different, is that it does take the same amount of disciplined work, and dedication, but it impacts two very important things: Your work, and your product. Humanizing the workplace involves understanding the fact that the people making your startup dreams happen are humans and have human needs.

    On average, a person will spend one-third of their life in the workplace setting. Whether that’s remotely from home or their favorite coffee shop, or in a traditional brick and mortar workspace. This is an incredible amount of time that a person will spend during their life. The ability that you have in running a startup is to create a humanized workspace that empowers all of that time, and holistically improves the company and your employees. By focusing on giving your employees a workspace that has a positive effect on their lives, which will impact the other two-thirds they spend outside of work, you will create a workspace that pushes your business forward.

    How Do You Make a Humanized Workspace?

    So how do you create an environment where you and your employees will spend a third of their life well? What goals should you have in place and what will it take? Here are a few ways to create a workspace that creates employees that are healthier, happier, and more confident in not only impact the company in a positive way but their entire lives.


    The number one way to create humanized enrollment is by empowering your employees. This comes down to see them as wholly human, and not just partially human. Their life experience, their talents, and their unique personalities all make them valuable. Yes, they may have different departments they excel in, but one way to empower employees is to bring them into problem-solving situations across your company.

    This is often not effective when it is forced. An accountant will be using their time unwisely if forced to grapple with the problems from marketing. However, creating an environment where challenges are made known and participation is encouraged to solve those challenges can have a hugely humanizing effect. In essence, you are telling your employees that you value their thoughts, and who they are, even if they have an idea for something out of their field of profession.

    Community And Listening

    This goes back to the fact that your employees will spend a third of their life working for you – so create an environment where life can happen. Sometimes the lines between personal life and business can get a little blurred, or need redefining – that’s normal, and will happen. Allow your employees the chance to make work a part of their lives by structuring meetings, and interactions throughout the workweek around communication and community. Having proper conference rooms with conference room signs can go a long way.


    The road to creating a workspace that is empowering, and fulfilling for your employees to commit such a large part of their lives is hard, but it has big payoffs. GR0 is an example of a company that believes in supporting each other, clear communication, always putting the other first, and giving the benefit of the doubt. This kind of strong comradery-driven work culture has created a start-up that has quickly become a top content creator.

    While creating company culture is always going to be hard, consistent work, it’s one of the most important things you can do to create a business that will last the test of time. People are what makes a startup successful, and keep a business running, so investing in creating a humanizing workspace is one of the best investments you can make.

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