Humanity Has Spent 54,000 Years Playing Temple Run


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I'm pretty hard on the mobile gaming scene. Most of the games on the platform are either trying to be like a console game or they're just not very fun. One game, however, has constantly kept my interest. Temple Run is super simple and it feels like it was built just for touch devices. People around the world obviously feel the same.

The guys at Imangi Studios have put together a simple infographic showing some of the milestones that Temple Run has achieved since launching in September of last year. In that time, Temple Run has reached over 100 million downloads. Out of those downloads, 10 billion sessions were played and a collective 54,000 years were spent playing it.

As is the case with most mobile games, Temple Run enjoys the majority of its market share on iOS with 68 percent of all downloads coming from the device. Coming in second place is Google Play with 30 percent of the downloads. Having just launched, the Amazon App Store version is understandably short on downloads with only two percent.

If you have yet to try out my personal mobile game of the year, grab Temple Run for either iOS or Android. You may find yourself, like me, playing it for hours to beat the high score.

54,000 Years Temple Run