Human Flesh Capsules Seized in South Korea

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Human flesh capsules crafted from dead babies sounds like the premise for a particularly grisly horror-themed motion picture. Unfortunately, this unusual story has its roots in real life, which, I've found, is always a touch stranger than anything you're likely to find on the big screen.

According The Associated Press, South Korean authorities have seized thousands of tiny capsules containing the powdered flesh of dead babies that many believe can cure a wide variety of diseases. The pills were apparently manufactured in China using a process that involves chopping the small corpses into pieces and drying them out on a stove.

Although all of the capsules were confiscated by officials, no one has been charged with any crimes as the amount was considered too small to be punishable by law. Since August of last year, there have been 35 instances of people attempting to smuggle the capsules into the country. In many cases, these deranged little pills have been disguised as stamina boosters in order to slip them past customs.

Chinese authorities have launched an investigation into where the capsules were manufactured and who, exactly, was behind the process. However, despite being dedicated to finding the nefarious individuals behind this heinous crime, China's State Food and Drug Administration and its Health Ministry has yet to comment on the situation.

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China to reinvestigate human flesh capsule claims
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