Hulu Subscription Service Launch Said To Be Month Or Two Away

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While rumors about making people pay to use Hulu have been circulating for what feels like forever, a subscription service may, for better or worse, finally materialize this summer.  New rumors put it a "month or two" out, and indicate that Xbox and iPad compatibility are also on the way.

HuluReuters talked to several people who opted not to have their names printed, and the good news is that not everything is supposed to be locked behind a pay wall.  Hulu "will continue to offer newer episodes of shows like Fox's 'Glee' free of charge, but it will also charge viewers a monthly fee to see older episodes and other content, two of the sources said."

Which is pretty much in line with other stories that have circulated from time to time, really.

The more interesting info is the "month or two" timeframe, then, and a tidbit about the subscription service being "rolled out on multiple devices," including the Xbox and iPad.

It's not hard to imagine that the service would achieve some success with owners of those devices, since they've already opted to pay hundreds of dollars for the sake of being entertained.  Or it might not, since tech-savvy individuals are more likely to be familiar with "alternative" ways of viewing content.

The E3 Expo is scheduled to take place between June 15th to 17th, though, and that means a prime opportunity to announce a Hulu-Xbox deal is right around the corner.  Stay tuned.

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