Hulu Plus For iPhone Gets Chromecast Integration

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Earlier this month, Hulu Plus announced that Chromecast integration had finally arrived for its iOS and Android apps. It was great news for those who had been waiting for Hulu Plus to join the Chromecast party, but there was one little problem - the iOS app only supported Chromecast integration on the iPad.

The Hulu Plus-loving iPhone owner can now dry those tears, however, as the official Hulu Plus iOS app was updated today to include Chromecast integration on iPhone. To be more specific, any iPhone running iOS 6 and up can now beam their Hulu Plus content from their phone to their TV via Chromecast.

With Hulu Plus and Netflix fully supporting Chromecast now, it leads one to wonder when the other big players in streaming video will join. Back in July, both Vimeo and Redbox Instant announced their intention to support Google's streaming device, but both services have yet to add official support.

There's also the curious case of HBO Go not announcing any plans yet. You would think that HBO would want to get its streaming service on as many devices as possible, especially the top-selling Chromecast. There's already an app for iOS and Android, and integrating Chromecast into its app shouldn't take that much work. Still, HBO moves at its own pace, and it may take a while for it to add Chromecast support.

Outside of that, we're still waiting on the ability to play local content via Chromecast, but that functionality is still probably a few months away from becoming an official reality.

Despite a few gripes, the Chromecast is still a great little device for those who want to watch the best the Internet has to offer on their television. It's even better now that iPhone users can finally stream Hulu Plus onto their televisions. If that sounds appealing to you, you can grab the latest Hulu Plus app for iOS here.

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