Hulu Owners Committed To Selling

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It's no secret that Hulu owners are eager to sale the popular TV and movie streaming service. Sadly,
they're main focus is getting the top dollar amount, not who will be purchasing the service. The future of Hulu is at stake here, and the owners don't seem to care who gets it… as long as they have deep pockets.

Do you think Hulu should be concerned with who purchases the service? Let us know your thoughts.

Yesterday at the Allen & Co. media conference, Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive, Robert Iger, said the owners of Hulu are "committed to selling". He also predicted the site would sale, but gave no timetable of a possible deal.

At this time there are preliminary discussions taking place with about a dozen potential buyers, according to Reuters. The list of candidates includes Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and some non-U.S. based media companies.

Hulu is jointly owned by Disney, News Corp, Comcast Corp's NBC Universal and Providence Equity Partners

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