Hulu Gets Rid of Ads … If You Cough Up an Extra $4 a Month

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Hulu, which unlike competitors Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO and more make you pay a subscription fee and watch ads, is finally going to let you ditch the ads.

If you want to pay $4 more a month.

As expected, Hulu has unveiled an ad-free service. It costs $12 per month, 50% more than the ad-filled option everyone is used to ($8).

“At Hulu, we pride ourselves on listening to our customers and giving them the best possible experience,” said Mike Hopkins, CEO, Hulu. “Many of our customers have asked us for a commercial free option, and so today we are excited to introduce just that. Providing more choice for consumers is fundamental to the Hulu experience, in addition to an array of choices in content and devices, our customers can now choose to watch with or without commercials.”

According to Re/code, the fact that the ad-free version is so much more expensive  (an extra $60 a year) than the ad-supported version is to serve a sort of deterrent, as Hulu really doesn’t want to completely do away with it’s ad model.

Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins expects the majority of Hulu users to stick with the $8 ad-supported service. Hulu currently boasts about nine million US subscribers.

Earlier this week, Hulu announced a new multi-year agreement with Epix that will see the service adding new releases from Lionsgate, MGM, and Paramount beginning October 1. At launch, it will include Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Trek: Into Darkness, World War Z, Wolf of Wall Street, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Robocop, and God’s Not Dead. This deal was finalized when Netflix let its deal with Epix expire.

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