Hulk Hogan's Wife Allegedly Assaulted By Wrestler Scott Steiner

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Hulk Hogan's wife, Jennifer, was reportedly grabbed and threatened by wrestler Scott Steiner at an airport on March 26, and has filed a police report saying that Steiner voiced a threat to kill Hogan.

Steiner--who has had a long-running feud with Hogan--is reportedly being investigated by law enforcement officials for terroristic threatening and the exchange between him and Jennifer was apparently caught on surveillance cameras at an airport. When asked to give a comment about the situation, Steiner told TMZ, "Typical Hogan. He's just a punk."

61-year old Hogan worked with Steiner during their time at TNA Wrestling, but now Steiner reportedly blames Hogan for the downfall of his career and said in 2013 that Hogan was "embarrassing" in his role of reality star.

"TNA is definitely in jeopardy. It's losing money and it's ratings are bad. How can you not look at Hogan and Bischoff - they haven't performed. Everybody has got to perform. How come they're not accountable for the s**t they're putting on TV? Hogan pushing his ***** **** worthless daughter who can't sing or dance. It's embarrassing man ... TNA is losing money because they gotta pay their contracts. No way would that work in a normal business setting. They've been there for almost three years, and they haven't done anything to spike the ratings. In a normal business setting, if you don't perform you lose your job," Steiner said.

Hogan had Steiner banned from the WWE Hall Of Fame Ceremony in March, as well as Wrestlemania 31, which he performed at. After so many decades in the ring, Hogan said recently that many of his fans have been loyal since he first began his career, and that timing was key when it came to finding a good niche in the business.

"I think they, first off, fell in love with the character Hulk Hogan, the all-American guy going against the Iron Sheik when it was a perfect storm when the U.S. was at odds with Iran I think. The character served well for what the storyline was pointing towards. So I think it was kind of the perfect storm of being in shape with the tan, saying I was from California and being plugged in to the right thing by Vince McMahon. I think that put me at a higher level than I could have achieved by myself by building my house one brick at a time."

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