Hulk Hogan Testifies Against Bubba 'The Love Sponge' Clem In $100 Million Sex Tape Lawsuit

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American Wrestler Hulk Hogan gave his testimony on Monday for his $100 million invasion of privacy lawsuit against his best friend, Bubba “the Love Sponge” Clem and gossip website Gawker in relation to his 2006 sex tape.

Hogan told the jurors that Bubba the Love Sponge had been telling him that his wife wanted to have sex with him, although the wrestler thought it was just a joke. Hogan finally gave in to their advances during the time when he was going through his divorce.

“It was so weird and so crazy, my gut was telling me that this was off, this was wrong” Hulk Hogan testified. “From the feeling that I had, I said, 'Bubba you're not filming this are you?'... he lashed into me,” Hogan recounted.

Hogan said he and Bubba had been friends for over a decade. The radio personality was a godfather to his son, and he stood by him when his father passed away and when his marriage was on the rocks.

The wrestler said he was made aware of the sex tape when TMZ informed him of the circulating still images of the encounter. Hogan admitted that he was humiliated when the video of him having sex with his best friend’s wife was uploaded online. He was not aware that the radio personality was behind his sex video. When he learned that Bubba may have been involved in the publication of the tape, he said he “couldn’t quit shaking.”

Hulk Hogan also said his wife’s verbal abuse lowered his self-esteem, which made him take his best friend’s offer to sleep with his wife. However, he admitted he regretted doing it.

The jury will determine if Bubba – Todd Clem in real life – violated Hogan’s right to privacy when he published the explicit video in 2012.

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