Hulk Hogan Talks Wrestling In The Past And Future

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Hulk Hogan is a professional wrestling legend and although some might say he is getting too old for the sport, he says it is something he is still very much interested in.

Over the years Hulk Hogan has made several appearances on TNA and WWE but he says that he is anxious for more.

He recently opened up about his experience wrestling in TNA and says that when he watches old videos of himself, he feels embarrassed.

“The thing is, I watch the old tapes of myself, WCW, and it’s embarrassing because towards the end I was getting to where it was embarrassing to kind of like be in there and then I watch the TNA (Wrestling) stuff and that was a nightmare. I tried to get in there. I was in the middle of the back surgeries trying to keep up. The doctors would say ‘you’ll be fine’ but to watch it now is embarrassing. Not that Vince would want this, not that Triple H would want this but I keep telling everybody that my goal, because I’m not in pain anymore, that my goal would be to get back in there, not embarrass myself if that’s possible and have that one more match. And if that works, if that really were to work I would love to contribute and participate and do some stuff because I miss it so much,” Hogan said.

Hogan said that he has now recovered and wants to give wrestling another try. Of course, he knows he may not be able to do matches as often as he once did, but he is still anxious to get back in the ring.

Unfortunately for him, the WWE has other plans and while Vince McMahon wants to keep the character of Hulk Hogan and Hulkamania still alive, he hopes to do that without actually putting Hogan in the ring.

.“I’m not trying to (get a match with Cena) but if I could have the best best case scenario with what’s going on with my body right now and the people that are helping me get back on track. My back’s fine, everything is cool, with my arthritis I’ve got some people helping me with that. (has it in his elbows and toes) hips and knees are metal so nothing wrong there If I can get more fluid and get rid of this arthritis, my goal would be in a perfect world to have Cena at WrestleMania 31. If that’s unrealistic I get it. But if I had a wish list and you’re asking me, that would I’d love to do. Have my body and be physically ready to have Vince and Triple H trust me enough to go ‘OK, you can handle this’ then get in there and just tear it down,” Hogan said.

Many people have compared John Cena's wrestling career and persona to Hogan's and most wrestling fans would love to see the two men battle it out, but Hogan isn't sure McMahon will ever make it happen.

“Vince McMahon and I have always been good friends. On a personal level he would do anything for me, for you, for anyone he loves. He would give you the shirt off his back. On a business level? He’s a different animal. Cut and dry. Black and white,” Hogan added.

If Hogan had his way, he would wrestle Cena at the next WrestleMania. In the end, it all comes down to whether Vince McMahon thinks it will be good for business.

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