Hugh Jackman Treated Again For Skin Cancer

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Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman revealed Thursday on Instagram that he has received skin cancer treatment once again.

Diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma — a cancer that is curable if detected early — the 45-year-old Australian entertainer first announced that he was being treated for the cancer in November and urged fans to wear sunscreen and "not to be foolish like me."

At the time, he credited his wife, Deborah-Lee Furness, for noticing the mark on his nose and talking him into seeing a doctor. On his Instagram, he captioned a picture he posted following the procedure with “Deb said to get the mark on my nose checked. Boy, was she right!”

In other Jackman news, the X-Men star said in an interview Friday with the International Business Times magazine that he believed Hollywood stars are overpaid.

When asked if Hollywood stars make too much he responded, "Oh yeah. But I understand why, how it's being measured. As a brand, as a small business, really.

"But if we were born 100 years ago, you could be the most famous actor and you wouldn't get all that. Even 50 years ago in the studio contract, a lot of those actors died penniless. But somehow, since the 1980s, this happened."

Jackman, whose net worth is estimated at $100 million, said he flies economy class when he travels with his children and receives a lot less attention for it because fans assume he'd travel first class.

Jackman said he is still like a little kid when encountering the perks of fame and fortune.

"Staying in a [luxury] place like this? Flying first class? I still jump up and down on the beds. I go on to a plane, I turn left, I'm like 'Yes!'" he said.

Jackman said fame was never a motive in pursuing acting and remembers the difficulties of being a struggling actor.

"I was a student for seven years and I remember thinking: 'If I ever have money, I am going to just eat'. Just to be able to walk in without looking at the menu in the window. I remember it was basically 120 bucks a week for everything. My rent was 55 bucks a week, food was probably 50 bucks, so then I had 15 bucks."

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