Hugh Hefner's Son Pleads No Contest To Domestic Violence Charge

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Hugh Hefner, the infamous founder of Playboy magazine, is in headlines today after his 21-year old son Marston pleaded no contest to charges of domestic violence filed by his girlfriend, Playmate Claire Sinclair.

Sentencing will be on June 12 and will likely include at least one year of domestic abuse counseling and a court order to stay away from Sinclair for three years. Sinclair, who was Playmate of the year in 2011, says Marston kicked and punched her during an argument. Marston reportedly told police that the two of them had argued, but it never got physical. He was eventually arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence and was later released on $20,000 bail.

After the model filed an emergency restraining order against her boyfriend in February, she was photographed while removing her belongings from the apartment they shared sporting a large bruise on her upper arm.

Amanda Crum
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