Hugh Hefner Wife Crystal's New Face Explained


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On "Throwback Thursday", Hugh Hefner posted a picture that threw some followers of the Playboy founder for a loop. According to Hefner, the photo featured was of him and his then girlfriend during their first holiday together. She's very blonde and very pretty, but she looks different in the old picture.

Many are puzzled to the point of wondering if Hugh got his blondes crossed. Well in actuality, there are a few simple explanations as to why his wife looks so different five years later.

First, there's the possibility of plastic surgery. Perhaps this young woman decided that she wanted to change aspects of her physical person. Some may disagree with the decision, but it's her body, her life, and her choice. If she looks different due to surgery, the outcome may be startling, but it shouldn't be controversial. It would definitely be a testament to what money can buy. With the right amount of cash and a really good surgeon, it's possible to look completely different.


Second is something that continues to mystify men and those women who don't really know how to use it to full effect: Makeup.

Check out these images of porn actresses with and without their make-up. It's the same story for women all over the world: A lot of time and a lot of makeup will can you look completely different. It's just a matter of knowing how to use techniques to full effect to undergo both dramatic and temporary changes.


Lastly, there's the difference in facial expression and camera angles. One image has Mrs. Hefner full on facing camera and smiling. The other features a sultry sideways glance at an angle. In the age of the "selfie", netizens should know that we look different depending on the camera angle and lighting. You can get dozens of looks without make-up or plastic surgery: Just point the camera a different way and face a window.

What's the explanation behind why Crystal Hefner looks different? Who knows. At the end of the day...does it really matter?

Images via Hugh Hefner's Official Twitter, Playboy Official Twitter