Huffington Post Hires Mehdi Hasan

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British journalist Mehdi Hasan, who once referred to all non-Muslims as being "animals," has been appointed as the Huffington Post’s political director in the U.K. Hasan has parted ways with British left-wing political magazine the New Statesman, though will continue to contribue a weekly column.

Below is a clip of Hasan speaking of the Islamic moral high ground, and how the rest of humanity lives as animals:

It's evident that the Huffington Post made quite a sensational choice in Hasan, and Raheem Kassam, executive editor of conservative online journal The Commentator, suggests, “Something like the appointment of Mehdi Hasan tells you they’ve got their heads in the far leftist clouds,” adding, "Huffington Post is seen as a major step down for Mehdi. It’s an embarrassment. It’s pretty much the end of someone’s career.”

In the above video, Hasan can be seen denouncing Pakinstan's nuclear weapons, though as a known supporter of nuclear-tinkerer Iran, who by the way is presently irate with Google Maps - his stances have sometimes been seen as being haphazard and extreme, a possible reason for his departure from the New Statesman.

Kassam adds, “Everyone knew that the status quo couldn’t continue with Hasan - It was only a matter of time until he was rightly held to account for what became increasingly nonsensical journalism and a repeated refusal to comment on his extreme views as highlighted by the videos.” Snap.

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