Hudld For iPhone Innovates Social Networking

IT Management

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Trouble keeping up with all your social networking streams? Hudld brings them all together under one app for you iPhone. You can link up to 60 total accounts from networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Hudld gives you a better way to navigate, protect, and manage them all. It brings efficiency to a chaotic stream of information.

Brian Ash, who is in charge of the Hudld startup comments on the introduction of the new app:

"This is the only logical next step in the evolution of social networking client applications. With the growing number of social services, mobile users, and customers juggling many different accounts and services, a centralized hub for this activity is almost unavoidable to keep social networking conducive to its purpose."

"Without some innovation geared towards governing this activity over the various networks, we will not outgrow social networking, it will outgrow us to the point that so much of our activity is spread over various accounts, ever growing services and many more users coming in on a daily basis, that we could no longer follow along in any uniform time line or be able to mange or digest them efficiently. Especially on smaller personal devices where time, speed and usability grow increasingly more important to the end user."

Check out a video of the app in use:

I guess it is inevitable. Everybody's using social networking now and there are so many different accounts and streams of information to keep track of, it makes sense that somebody comes out with an app to manage them. Over 50% of mobile internet traffic is somehow connected to social networking. I'm sure this isn't going to be the last app we see designed around social media integration, but it is one of the first.