HTLM5 Apps Get Faster On Android Devices

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HTML5 is the future of the open Web and many people want to take advantage of building games with it on smart devices. While appMobi's HTML5 acceleration technology has been on iOS devices since last year, it's finally making the jump to Android.

At GDC today, appMobi announced that its directCanvas HTML5 acceleration technology is now available for the Android operating system. The software is currently in beta and the developer is looking for developers to help test it.

iOS developers have enjoyed the benefits that directCanvas brings to HTML5 development since November of last year. The current release on Android supports devices running Android version 2.2 through the current version.

"Today appMobi is extending the proven game acceleration benefits of directCanvas beyond iOS to the Android platform," saidSam Abadir, appMobi CTO. "With over 300 million devices in the field, and adding 850,000 new devices every day, the Android smartphone platform dominates the Apple iOS platform in size, yet we have seen very few hit Android games. We intend to change that."

What can developers who use directCanvas expect to see out of their HTML5 apps? appMobi says that screen refresh rates will be 10 times faster under their technology. It also accelerates sound and physics calculations. This is seen in the integration of appMobi’s multisound API that speeds up HTML5’s built-in sound capabilities. The developer’s directBox2D API accelerates in-game physics calculations by up to 4000 percent.

Using openCanvas, appMobi claims that developers will be able to easily port their HTML5 projects across all platforms that support it. These include iOS, Android, Facebook and mobile Web that supports HTML5.

The best part is that once appMobi for Android is complete, it will become an open source program that anybody can use.

If you want to help appMobi test the Android beta of directCanvas, apply at their Web site or their booth at GDC.

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