HTC One Successor To Be Unveiled On March 25

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Mobile World Congress is next week, and Samsung will be at the show unveiling the Galaxy S 5. It was assumed that HTC would also be unveiling its flagship at the show, but now we have to wait another month.

HTC sent out press invites today for an event that is likely to be the unveiling of the HTC M8 - the successor to last year's HTC One. The event comes a month after Samsung and other rivals will have unveiled their latest flagship devices in a bid to build up hype before their release. HTC must have a reason for unveiling their device so late and we'll likely find out at the event.

HTC One Successor To Be Unveiled On March 25

If you're just joining us, you may be wondering what to expect from HTC's next flagship device. If you think it's going to be similar to the well-received HTC One, you'd be right on the money. Leaks from the past few weeks have shown a device that looks almost exactly like the One with a few key differences.

The major change is the addition of two cameras and dual-LED flash on the back of the device. Some speculate that the two cameras will allow the HTC M8 to capture images featuring more depth. The dual-LED flash should also help the device take even better photos in low-light conditions.

As for general specs, the HTC M8 will reportedly sport a 5-inch 1080p display powered by a Snapdragon 800 CPU, 2GB of RAM, an UltraPixel rear camera, a 2.1MP front facing camera and Android 4.4.

Another leak has shown that the HTC M8 will be the first time that HTC uses on-screen navigation buttons. Every device before it has opted for on-device navigation buttons so the addition of on-screen buttons will help bring the M8 more in line with Google's Android design principles.

From the looks of it, it seems that HTC will have another well-reviewed phone on its hands come March 25. The company better hope it knows what it's doing with this late reveal. The Galaxy S 5 will have been in the public consciousness for a little over a month by then so the HTC M8 better be the most amazing mobile device of the year.

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