HTC One Successor Leaked Via Twitter [Rumor]

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The HTC One was one of the best reviewed phones of 2013, but it wasn't anywhere near the best selling. Regardless, HTC will be back at it again in 2014 with a successor codenamed M8. We don't know much about the device just yet, but a recent leak seems to suggest that it will be very similar to the award winning design of last year's HTC One.

Twitter user @HTCFamily_RU recently tweeted out what they claim to be the backplate for the HTC M8. The device, which looks very similar to the One, features a dual-LED flash and two rear-facing cameras.

One of the few complaints brought up against the original HTC One was that its rear camera was kind of awful. The company claimed the HTC One used an UltraPixel camera, but it was just a 4MP camera in reality. Sure, UltraPixel technology allowed it to capture more detail in low light, but it was still captured lower resolution photos than the competition. That probably won't change with the M8, but the second rear camera could make some interesting shots possible.

As for the specs, our pal at @evleaks has the scoop:

With the new dual rear camera setup and upgraded specs, the HTC M8 should be what fans of the HTC One want - another HTC One with better specs. Samsung has been doing the same thing for years with its Galaxy S line of flagship devices and it only makes sense that HTC continue to do the same now that it has a popular design loved by its few fans. With an increased marketing push in 2014, it may even be able to bring in new fans who prefer the solid feel of aluminum over plastic.

[h/t: Droid-Life] Image via @HTCFamily_RU

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