HTC One Nexus Edition With Stock Android May Be In The Works [Rumor]

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One of the pleasant surprises out of this year's Google I/O was the announcement of a Nexus edition of the Galaxy S4. Now Google may be working on a similar deal with HTC.

Anonymous sources speaking to Geek say that HTC is now working on a version of the HTC One that will ship with stock Android 4.2.2 instead of its HTC Sense software. If true, it could potentially be a major win for HTC as it's aiming to capture more of the market that's been cornered by Samsung in recent years.

Of course, there is one question we must ask - why bother with a Nexus edition of the HTC One when people can already buy the HTC One developer edition and flash their own custom ROMs on the device? Well, some people adore the vanilla Google experience, but don't know how to install custom ROMs. Letting HTC and Google do all the work for them could boost sales of HTC's flagship while getting the definitive Google experience, ads and all, into the hands of more users.

So, when can you expect to see the fabled Nexus edition of the HTC One arriving in stores? It's said that we'll get an announcement within the next two weeks with a release following later in the summer.

It should be noted that this is merely a rumor for now, but Geek broke the news that Google would be releasing a Nexus edition of the Galaxy S4 before its announcement at Google I/O. I wouldn't be surprised to see HTC follow suit.