HTC M8 To Be Called All New HTC One [Rumor]

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For the past month, details regarding the HTC One successor has been leaked via Twitter. We've seen its backplate, the home screen and even its specs. We still didn't know its name though. Some thought HTC would go the easy route and call it the HTC One+ - turns out the company is even less creative than that.

In a series of Tweets today, the ever reliable @evleaks reported that HTC would be calling its latest flagship device the All New HTC One. It will copy the approach Apple took with the iPhone 5S and release it in three different colors - gray, silver and gold.

In a later Tweet, he shared a press render of the All New HTC One in gold. It certainly looks like HTC is trying to capture the market that went nuts over Apple's gold iPhone 5S.

The press render gives us another look at the previously leaked home screen, and its dual-LED flash and dual camera set up. It's interesting to note that HTC didn't implement the fingerprint scanner that was found in last year's HTC One Max. Perhaps the company found that it wasn't all that popular of a feature and that it's easily bypassed with a few simple tricks.

Here's a bonus shot of the All New HTC One in its protective case:

The All New HTC One will be unveiled at an event on March 25.